World Cup 2018: The 10 teams that are one the rise.

The football world is in a state of upheaval. The main intrigue of the tournament is the fight for the gold medals. The teams that have already qualified for the next stage of the competition are:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Real Madrid;
* Atletico;

* Atletico.
In the last season, the Spanish team was quite successful, but it is clear that the main contenders for the title are Barcelona and Juventus. The latter is a real sensation, having won the Champions League and the Europa League.
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The main goal of the Catalans is to win the gold medal. The team has a long unbeaten run, which has already led to the victory in the Champions Cup. The players of the team have a good understanding with each other, which allows them to achieve such a result.
Atletico is one of the main competitors of the Barcelona. The Spanish club has been in the top-5 for a long time, but the team has recently been quite successful. The last season was especially successful for the team. It won the Europa Cup, the Super Cup, and the Copa del Rey.
However, the main goal for the club is to get into the Champions’ League zone. The Atletico players are ready to fight for it. The club has a good lineup, which is very suitable for the Spanish style of football.
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The season 2018/19 was quite eventful for the main team of the country, the Atletico, and it is now clear that it will be very difficult for the Catalonians to repeat their success.
This season, there were several interesting confrontations between the teams. The most interesting was the confrontation with Barcelona.
Despite the fact that the Catalonian club has not won the champion title for a few years, it managed to win La Liga. The fight for gold medals ended in a draw. The Catalonias had a good start, but they were quickly overtaken by Barcelona. This was the main reason for the fact, that the team of Diego Simeone was able to win all the confrontations.
Now, the team is considered as one of Spain’s main favorites. The coach of the club has the following advantages:
1. Good lineup. The squad of Diego has a very good game plan. This allows the team to achieve a good result. The leaders of the Atleti are: Griezmann, Pique, Busquet, Busquets, Busceta, Busca, Busco, Busch, Buso.
2. Good teamwork. The coaches of the Catalan club understand well the game of their players. This is another advantage of the coach.
3. Individual skills of the players. The members of the squad have a great potential to achieve great results.
All this makes the team one of main contenders to win gold medals in the future. The success of the “Barcelona” in the international arena is another evidence of this.
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The team of Simeones is one the main favorites of the season. The previous season, it was quite unsuccessful. The Catalan club was not able to achieve the desired result. This time, the results were better. The season 2018 has been quite eventive for the ‘Barcelona.’ The team managed to finish in the first place of the La Liga, and this is quite a good achievement.
Another successful season for the Catalan team was the one in the Europa league. The ‘red and black’ won the tournament, and now it is the main contender for the victory at the end of the championship.
After the victory, the club was named the champion of the Europa zone. It is now the main favorite of the next season.
Here, you will find the results and the schedule of the upcoming matches of “Real” and “Atletico”. The first of the two teams has a quite good lineup. This will allow it to win many matches.
It is now very important for the leaders of ‘Real’ to win their first trophy. The Meringues have a long way to go before the end. The next season will be a real test for them.
What to expect from the team’ s new coach
The new coach of ’Real‘, Julen Lopetegui, has already managed to improve the results. The current season was quite difficult for ‘Atletico. The new coach has managed to find a good solution for the problems of the leaders.
‘Real Madrid’ is another team that is quite capable of winning the Champions league. However, the current season of the Meringue was quite disappointing. The results of this team are not so good, and they are not able yet to win a trophy.
There is a good chance that the new season of ”Real“ will be successful. However it is still too early to say whether the team will be able to repeat the triumph of the previous season.

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