De Gea is reportedly on the verge of signing a new deal.

De Gea is reportedly on the verge of signing a new deal. The Spanish defender has already become one of the main stars of the English Premier League.
The Spanish player has already managed to win the Golden Ball, the Silver and the Bronze medals. He has already played for the best clubs in the world.

He is the main defender of the team, which means that he has to keep his head when the team is playing with a lot of attackers. The team’s main task is to score points, which is why the players have to be ready to defend the goal.
It is worth noting that the Spanish player is one of those players who have managed to achieve the desired result. He is able to make a good impression on the fans and the media.
He has already scored many goals for his team. The most famous of them is the one that he scored in the Champions League. The game was stopped, but the goal was not missed.
In the English Championship, the team has many players who can be called the leaders. The main one is the Spanish defender. He can be compared with the legendary Lionel Messi.
However, the Messi of the Premier League is not the only one who can play in the field of the Champions Cup. The following players are also able to play in it:
* Lukaku;
* Sane;
* Rashford;
* Sessegnon.
All of them have managed not to lose points.
You can always follow the livescore of the games of the EPL on the website of sports statistics.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season has already ended, and the fans of the championship are waiting for the next one. The English Premier league is a real competition, and it is impossible to miss the results of each match.
This is especially true when the teams are playing against each other. The fans can see the results on the sports statistics website.
One of the most interesting games of this season was the one between Manchester United and Tottenham. The match ended in a draw, but it was quite interesting.
During the game, the fans could see the following things:
1. The misfires of the players.
2. The mistakes of the leaders of the teams.
3. The reactions of the opponents.
4. The errors of the referees.
5. The injuries of the participants.
6. The changes in the lineups.
7. The goals scored by the players of the two teams.
The fans could also see the injuries of players. The first one was the goalkeeper of the Manchester United, Julio Cesar. He was hit by a shot from the player of the Tottenham Hotspur, Kyle Walker.
After the game was over, the goalkeeper was in a serious condition, and he needed to be hospitalized. The injury was so serious that he could not play for a long time.
As a result of the injury, the player was forced to miss a lot. The club is considering to buy a new goalkeeper. The cost of the surgery is estimated at 500 euros.
Fans can always find the results and the livescores of the matches on the site of sports data.
Latest Results of the Match
The game between Manchester City and Liverpool was quite intense. The teams played for a while until the end of the match, when the final score was 4:0.
Liverpool was led by the player who is considered the best in the league, Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian player was able to score a goal in every match he played.
Manchester City was led not only by the goalkeeper, but also by the captain, Sergio Aguero. The player managed to score five goals in the match. The City was also able thanks to the misfires and the injuries to win.
There were several goals scored in each of the rounds. The last one was scored by Aguero in the 55th minute of the game. The goal was the result of a misfire of the player.
Despite the fact that the game ended in the score of 4:1, the City was not able to win all the points. The Reds were able to get a single point, but they were not able finish the game in the desired way.
At the same time, Liverpool was able thanks the misfire and the injury of the goalkeeper.
We will see how the season will end for the teams and the players who are able to finish the season in the top 4.
Where to Find the Latest Results of Football Matches?
The sports statistics site has a lot to offer. You can find the latest results of the confrontations on the platform.
Among the most popular competitions, we can highlight the English championship. The season has ended, but fans can still see the lives of the events on the web portal.
Many of the top clubs of the Championship have already managed not only to finish in the first position, but to do it in a really convincing way. The latest results can be found on the home page of the platform, where the information is updated in real time.

The Premier League results of Manchester United have been very good. The players of Manchester City managed to finish second, but their rivals were able not to get the desired results.
United managed to get two points, but only one of them was a result from the team.

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