Cameroon missing out on players they need = Group F race over = Outskirts of Moscow – still only one Chinese restaurant.

The tournament started with a lot of intrigue. The main question was: who would be the main favorite of the tournament? The answer is:
* Russia;
* France;
* China.
All the three teams are quite strong and have a good selection of players. However, the Chinese team has the advantage of playing in the international arena. The players of the team are used to playing against top-rated teams and they have the experience of winning in the Champions League.
However, the main advantage of the Chinese squad is the fact that they have a lot more time to prepare for the matches. The team has a good coach and is ready to play at 100%.
The main goal of the French team is to finish in the top-4 of the group. The first matches of the season showed that the French players are not ready to fight for the champion title. They have to improve their game and get into the top 4.

The matches of Group F are always interesting and the outcome of the matches depends on the level of the teams.
Main Intrigues of the Tournament
The first matches were quite successful for the teams, but the main intrigue of the current season is the battle for the last position of the championship.
In the first matches, the French and Russian teams were quite equal, but after the first round, the results of the games changed. The French team has been playing better than its main rival for a long time and it has a decent selection of football players.
At the same time, the Russian team is still quite new to the international stage and it is not yet ready to compete with the best teams. The level of its players is not high enough for them to compete for gold medals.
Of course, the team is capable of winning the championship, but it will be very difficult for it to do it.
Another intrigue of this season is a struggle for the places in the elite division of the Russian championship. The teams are divided into groups of 4. The matches of each group are played in a round-robin format.
It is quite possible that in the next season, the teams will be divided into 2 groups of 3, and the matches will be played in the same way.
This is the main goal for the Russian teams and the main problem for them is the level in the national championship. However the teams are capable of finishing in the first position.
Live Results of the International Competitions
The current season of the Champions Cup is quite interesting. The tournament is held in the summer, which means that it is very convenient for fans to watch the matches on the Internet.
Due to the high level of competition, it is easy to follow the results. The competitions are held in different parts of the world. The most popular are:
1. England.
2. Germany.
3. Italy.
4. Spain.
5. Russia.
6. Ukraine.
7. Finland.
8. Turkey.
9. Poland.
10. Portugal.
11. France.
12. Belgium.
13. Austria.
14. Switzerland.
15. Denmark.
16. Norway.
17. Netherlands.
18. Sweden.
19. Croatia.
20. Romania.
21. Scotland.
22. Ireland.
23. Wales.
24. Iceland.
25. Estonia.
26. Montenegro.
27. Azerbaijan.
28. Greece.
29. Armenia.
30. Kosovo.
31. Slovenia.
32. Gibraltar.
33. Malta.
34. Liechtenstein.
35. San Marino.
36. Monaco.
37. Andorra.
38. Faroe Islands.
39. Cyprus.
40. Qatar.
41. Slovakia.
42. Belarus.
43. Bulgaria.
44. Hungary.
45. Czech Republic.
46. Latvia.
47. Lithuania.
48. England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Malta, Liechte, Monaco, Andorran, Gibraltar, San Marino, Gibraltar.
It’s easy to find the results on the website of sports statistics.
Results of the Season
The season of Champions Cup has already ended, and it was quite successful. The top-3 teams of the European Championships have already qualified for the Champions league.
For the first time in the history of the competition, the best club of the Old Continent has been represented in the European arena.
Moreover, the competition is held on the international platform, which allows fans to follow all the results in real time.
Among the most interesting results of this year, we can highlight the following:
• The victory of Chelsea over Manchester City.
• The victory by Juventus over Liverpool.
Also, the following teams managed to qualify for the group stage of the Europa League:
· Ajax;
· Manchester United;
• Tottenham Hotspur;
· PSV.

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