Belgium vs Panama: Martinez confirms starting 11 & substitutes.

The start of the new season of the Champions League has already brought a lot of interesting confrontations. The first matches have already shown that the level of the teams is still quite high. The main intrigue of the tournament is the struggle for the title. The favorites are:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
• Liverpool.
All of them have already managed to get into the Champions league zone. The most difficult part of the season is still ahead. It is the start of group stage. The teams will have to fight for the next round.
This season, the main intrigue is the fight for a place in the Champions cup zone. This will be the main goal of the main favorites.
At the moment, it is very difficult to make a prediction on the outcome of the confrontations, because the teams are playing against each other for a long time. However, it can be said that the main contenders for the Champions zone are: Barcelona, Bayern, and Liverpool. Each of them has a good lineup and is able to play with the best.

The main goal for the leaders of the team is the qualification to the next stage of the competition. The Champions league is a tournament of the strongest teams. The struggle for a higher position is the main motivation of the players.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the most interesting confrontationalities on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the results not only of the Spanish championship, but also of other tournaments of the world.
Live Results of the Primera
The season of La Liga has come to an end. The championship of Spain is over, and the final match of the championship was held on the field of the Camp Nou. The final match was a real surprise for the fans. The Catalans were the first to leave the field, and it was the first time that the team of Josep Guardiola was not able to win the trophy.
However, the team managed to win a place into the European Cup zone. Despite the fact that the club had a really difficult season, it managed to finish in the top 4.
After the end of the first round, the Catalans will play against the team from Granada. The match is scheduled for the second round. The game will be held at the Campo de Camps. The result of the confrontation will be announced on the scoreboard.
In the last season, Barcelona was one of the favorites of the European championships. The team of Guardiola managed to play in the most prestigious club tournament of all time. This is a real achievement for the team.
It is also worth noting that the Catalons are not the only team that is able not to lose points in the matches against the best teams. This season, there were many other teams that managed to do it. The following teams were the most successful:
1. Manchester City;
2. Bayern;
3. Juventus;
4. Real Madrid;
5. Barcelona.
Each of them managed to demonstrate its maximum.
What is the reason for the success of the Catalonians? The main thing is the experience of the coach. Guardiola has been working with the team for several years. He knows how to use the maximum of the resources of the club.
Despite the fact, that the season was not successful for the Catalonian team, the results were not that bad. The season ended with the victory in the Primer championship. The coach managed to achieve the results that he wanted to achieve.
Now, the club will try to repeat the success in the European cups. It will be very interesting to watch the confrontation with the Catalan team. The players of the Catalan club are ready to play at 100%.
The Champions League Final
The final match in the season of Champions League was held in the stadium of the city of Madrid. The fans of the Madrid club were very happy with the result of their team. Barcelona managed to beat Juventus in the final of the Europa League.
Juventus was the main favorite of the match. The club has a very good lineup, which managed to score a lot. The last season was very successful for Juventus. The Turin team managed not to finish at the bottom of the standings.
Barcelona was the second favorite of this match. However the Catalona team managed a really good game. The results of their matches were really good. The victory in this match was the result not only for the club, but for the entire country.
One of the best players of Barcelona was Lionel Messi. The Argentine player managed to lead the team to victory. This was the third victory of the Messi in the last four years.
There are a lot more matches ahead. The next match will be a decisive one. The winner of the game will get into European cups for the first and only time.
Where to find the Results of Champions league?
The tournament of Champions is a competition of the leading teams of the Old World. The strongest clubs of the modern world are playing in the tournament. The level of competition is quite high, and each match is a fight for victory.
Today, the Champions is held in a number of stadiums. The best stadiums are:
* Real;
* Barcelona; * Juventus; * Bayern.
These stadiums are located in the capital of the country.

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