Mar 18 2013

Mar 18…Richard Picciuto’s Birthday

Richard Picciuto would have loved to be here to celebrate another birthday today, but I wanted to remember the day in his honor. I believe that his favorite poem (and the favorite of most of his readers) was the poem about his sons that he wrote for his Moonlit Weeds collection. I share it on …

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Mar 15 2013

Mar 15…The Swiss Guard at the Vatican

Richard Picciuto originally posted this insightful look into the Swiss Guard organization at the Vatican on August 4, 2011. I thought it fitting with the interest in the new Pope, to re-post the article. The Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes…holy chair) is the episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome, in which its Bishop …

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Feb 24 2013

Feb 24…A Day to Remember Richard Picciuto

Today we remember Richard Picciuto and the last day of his life, February 24, 2012. Richard loved writing this blog every day…he spent hours deciding on a unique subject that his readers would enjoy and then doing the research. Finally, he would compose the blog to not only inform, but to entertain. Richard wrote right …

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Dec 21 2012

Dec 21…The Place to Escape the End of the World!

Richard Picciuto wrote this blog in October of 2011. He had researched the predicted end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, supposedly taking place today, December 21, 2012. Richard found that there is a French village at the foot of a mountain that is rumored to be the escape route from the apocalypse! …

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Nov 12 2012

Nov 12…Roy Lichtenstein-Pop Artist

Richard Picciuto originally posted this blog in September 2011. Since Richard’s death in February 2012, this blog has consistently been the most visited. I thought it should be shared again, since so many people appreciate the research and rich material about this popular, iconic modern artist…enjoy! Roy Lichtenstein’s elegant, buoyant canvases may be as close …

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Nov 09 2012

Nov 09…November Gray

In Richard Picciuto’s first book of poetry, he wrote about the transitional month of November. Although the overcast sky portends the coming of winter, there are bright spots that give November some special characteristics. There is time to reflect on the past summer and time to look forward to the holiday season and the football …

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Oct 06 2012

Oct 06…In Honor of the Class of ’57 Reunion

Richard Picciuto thought and wrote often about his former classmates in Livingston, NJ. In honor of the 55th reunion of his HS class, today is the perfect day to publish his poem Reunions from his first book of poetry. I’m sure that Richard will be with his friends in spirit and that he would be …

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Sep 30 2012

Sep 30…Eyeglasses

Somehow, the subject of eye surgery seems prevalent in my circle of friends these days. Cataract surgery–the appointment on the calendar for so many. It reminds me of Richard Picciuto’s poem in his first book relating, once again, the human condition by using the metaphor of an eyeglass prescription. Richard was able to see the …

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Sep 01 2012

Sep 01…The Burning Man Festival 2012

Richard Picciuto wrote this blog in September 2011. Since the annual festival is again in full swing, the blog is re-posted so that the history and details of the festival will be available to readers, attendees and those interested in unique “happenings.” Richard was very thorough in his coverage and research of unusual topics and …

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